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Designed & manufactured to perfection, we are one of the well known and leading manufacturers and exporters of Water Jet Cutting Machinery. At our premises, we are manufacturing the cutting machinery utilizing premium quality of raw materials and components. CUT SPARKWater Jet Cutting Focus - Our newest addition to our resources in our shop is a Techni Water-Jet cutting system. The purchase of this machine enabled our team to deliver a consistently precise metal (and other materials) cut-out for fabrication of your one-of-a-kind designs. More importantly, we are able to focus on your vision instead of our limitations. The Water-Jet system also allows for intricate

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Specialists In Waterjet Cutting Machine. China waterjet cutting machine manufacturer has 20 years experience, exported 65 countries and developed 6000 sets customized case and served 2000 clients and produced more than 2000 sets machines. 0. Patents and Increasing. 0. Find Waterjet Cutting Services Near You Industrial Metal The actual cutting is often done under water to reduce splash and noise. Faster feed rates are used to prevent the jet from cutting all the way through. Application Advantages of Waterjet Cutting. Waterjet Cutting is cheaper than other processes. Waterjet Cut virtually any material:pre hardened steel; mild steel; exotics like ium, Inconel HOME - Tianjin Blueprint Iron and Steel Co.Inconel alloy wire. We have one set producing center, cutting machines, laser cutting machines, punching machine, water jet cutting machine, polishing machine, plate shearers, draw benches. We have passed the "ISO9001 quality system certification, and EU CE certification". Our aim is to produce good quality steel plate and steel sheet with

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Jan 31, 2018 · The main objective of this study is to investigate uncoated tungsten carbide tool wear mechanisms for high-pressure water-jet machining of the Ti555-3 titanium alloy. A comparative study has been undertaken (i.e. conventional versus assisted machining) based on numerous experimental tests. These tests have been accompanied by the measurement of the cutting forces and flank wear. Jesko Tool and Knife - Water Jet ServicesOMAX variable water jet cutting pressures enable OMAX water jet cutting machines to cut glass quickly and precisely and avoid problems usually associated with machining brittle materials. Rubber water jet-only nozzles cut rubber cleanly and faster than conventional cutting machines. Stone Abrasive water jet cutting uses low-pressure piercing to successfully cut stone. Wood OMAX abrasive water jet cutting machines KERF WATERJET LTD, Dayton, Ohio, OH 45404-1031abrasive waterjet cutting of metals, glass, composites, ect., without changing the properties of the material. Prefered process for aerospace and other industries because the material being cut is uneffected by the cutting process.CNC controlled.

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The floor mosaic is processed by our CNC water jet cutter to save time and labor costs and reduce the space occupied by our water jet machine. When dealing with stone, tile and glass, the material must be perforated at low pressure and then automatically switched to high pressure during the cutting process. WMT3020-AL 3000*2000mm bridge type water jet cutting 4. we have new technology that can make the machine moving speed is to 20-30m/min. normal speed is 6m/min as you see. if this technology used in pure water cutting, the cutting cost will reduce 50%. if using other materials cutting like glass , marble, steel, the cutting cost will also 20-30% reduced. but of course , the machine with this Water Jet For Sale - Low Cost Waterjet Cutting Machines Operating cost:Hourly machine cost ranges from $19 per hour with the small head (0.010/0.030) and up to $35 per hour for the large cutting head (0.016/0.040) It does not include labor, lease, and depreciation. Affordable 4 and 5 axis Models. Five - Axis Water Jet Cutting.

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Edge finish of waterjet machined parts is a smooth sandblasted finish with no rough edges, slag, burrs, or jagged edges. The as-cut edge finish for abrasive water-jet is ideal for metals that require secondary welding operations. No Thermal Distortion. Unlike other cutting techniques, heat is not generated during water jet machining.Water Jet - Miller MechanicalWater Jet. Three 3D Waterjets For Increased Cutting Capacity with Miller Mechanical Services. Now Miller Mechanical can cut virtually any material into virtually any shape with the Dynamic Waterjet® XD 3D technology. Whether its exotics like titanium, Inconel® or Hastelloys®, or delicate materials like glass and stone, Millers skilled