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*A SB135 260* - Nevada Legislature

2019 Session (80th) A SB135 260 SJQ/AAK -Date:4/14/2019 S.B. No. 135Provides for collective bargaining by state employees. (BDR 23-650) Page 1 of 21 *A_SB135_260* Amendment No. 260 Senate Amendment to Senate Bill No. 135 (BDR 23-650) Proposed 2019 Senate Bill 260 - WisconsinApr 01, 2020 · 2019-2020 Wisconsin Legislature Senate Bill 260 An Act to create 66.1105 (17) (g) of the statutes; Relating to:changing the 12 percent rule regarding the total value of taxable property included in the creation of a tax incremental financing district in the village of Ontario.

260/2019 Sb. Naízení vlády o výi veobecného

Pidej k oblíbeným. Naízení vlády . 260/2019 Sb. Naízení vlády o výi veobecného vymovacího základu za rok 2018, pepoítacího koeficientu pro úpravu veobecného vymovacího základu za rok 2018, redukních hranic pro stanovení výpotového základu pro rok 2020 a základní výmry dchodu stanovené pro rok 2020 a o zvýení dchod v roce 2020. A-Engrossed Senate Bill 26080th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2019 Regular Session A-Engrossed Senate Bill 260 Ordered by the Senate February 27 Including Senate Amendments dated February 27 Sponsored by Senator ROBLAN, Representatives GOMBERG, SMITH DB; Senators BURDICK, DEMBROW, FREDERICK, GOLDEN, MANNING JR, MONNES ANDERSON, RILEY, TAYLOR, WAGNER, Representatives Bill Detail - Delaware General AssemblyJul 01, 2019 · House Bill 260 150th General Assembly (2019 - 2020) Bill Progress. Current Status:Signed 7/1/19 What happens next? The General Assembly has ended, the current status is the final status. Bill Details. Introduced on:7/1/19 Primary Sponsor:Q. Johnson. Additional Sponsor(s):Sen. McDowell. Co-Sponsor(s):Sen.

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Oct 12, 2019 · 2019-09-11 - Senate - Unfinished Business SB260 Hurtado Concurrence (Y:32 N:2 NV:6 Abs:0) [PASS] 2019-09-10 - Assembly - SB 260 Hurtado Senate Third Reading By Bonta (Y:76 N:0 NV:3 Abs:0) [PASS] 2019-08-30 - Assembly - Do pass (Y:16 N:0 NV:2 Abs:0) [PASS] 2019-06-25 - Assembly - Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on [Appropriations] (Y:14 N:0 NV:1 Abs:0) [PASS] 2019-05-21 - Senate - Senate 3rd Reading SB260 Hurtado (Y:31 N:3 NV:4 Abs:0) [PASS] 2019-05-16 - Senate Entry Into FPPA Fire and Police Pension Association For Refer Senate Bill 19-260 to the Committee of the Whole and with a recommendation that it be placed on the consent calendar. The motion passed on a vote of 6-0. Vote Summary: 05/16/2019:Governor:Sent to the Governor:05/15/2019:House:Signed by the Speaker of the House:05/15/2019:Senate:Signed by the President of the Senate:05/02/2019: NY State Senate Bill S260S T A T E O F N E W Y O R K _____ 260 2019-2020 Regular Sessions I N S E N A T E (PREFILED) January 9, 2019 _____ Introduced by Sen. ORTT -- read twice and ordered printed, and when printed to be committed to the Committee on Environmental Conservation AN ACT to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to the regulation of live restraint cable devices to take wildlife; and

OH SB260 2019-2020 133rd General Assembly LegiScan

Dec 17, 2020 · 2019 OH SB260 (Summary) Regards abortion-inducing drugs. To amend sections 109.572, 2919.123, 2953.25, 4729.291, 4731.22, and 4731.223 and to enact section 2919.124 of the Revised Code regarding abortion-inducing drugs. SB 260 (Hurtado):Keeping Consumers CoveredFeb 14, 2019 · SB 260 would also ensure people leaving Medi-Cal can seamlessly enroll in Covered California without gaps in coverage. Currently, people leaving Medi-Cal have just 10 days to pick a plan if they want their Covered California coverage to start on the day their Medi-Cal coverage ends. SB 260 Senate Bill 260 (2019) - The Florida SenateJul 01, 2019 · SB 260:STEMI Registry. GENERAL BILL by Baxley STEMI Registry; Directing the Agency for Health Care Administration to establish a statewide, centralized registry of persons who have symptoms associated with ST-elevation myocardial infarctions (STEMI); requiring certain health care facilities to report to the registry specified data on the treatment of STEMI patients; requiring the

Senate Bill 260 - Delaware General Assembly

Senate Bill 260 150th General Assembly (2019 - 2020) Bill Progress. Current Status:Signed 6/30/20 What happens next? The General Assembly has ended, the current status is the final status. Bill Details. Introduced on:6/24/20 Primary Sponsor:McDowell. Additional Sponsor(s): Senate Bill No. 260Senate Bill No. 260 CHAPTER 845 An act to add Section 100503.4 to the Government Code, to amend Section 1366.50 of the Health and Safety Code, and to amend Section 10786 of the Insurance Code, relating to health care coverage. [Appro ved by Go vernor October 12, 2019. Filed with Secretary of State October 12, 2019.] legislative counsels digest Session of 2020 SENATE BILL No. 260 - Kansas LegislatureSB 260 4 (E) the office of members of the state board of education; and (F) the office of members of any municipality as defined in K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 25-21a01, and amendments thereto. (2) Whenever the election returns reflect that a candidate for office was defeated

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02/04/2019 4:21:11 PM MLD133 1 State of Arkansas 2 92nd General Assembly A Bill 3 Regular Session, 2019 SENATE BILL 260 4 5 By:Senators Hester, B. Ballinger 6 7 For An Act To Be Entitled 8 AN ACT TO AMEND PROVISIONS CONCERNING POLITICAL 9 ACTION COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTIONS; TO PROHIBIT DIRECTS.260 - 116th Congress (2019-2020):Transformation to Jan 29, 2019 · S.260 - Transformation to Competitive Employment Act 116th Congress (2019-2020) S.260 - Transformation to Competitive Employment Act. 116th Congress (2019-2020)