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Feb 02, 2019 · Accurate numerical calculation of the thermal profile in humans requires reliable estimates of the following five tissue properties:specific heat capacity (c), thermal conductivity (k), blood perfusion rates (m), metabolic heat production (A 0), and density (). A sixth property, water content (w, as a %), can also be used to estimate c and k. Cryogenic Material Properties Database (2001)property information for materials used in cryogenics. The initial phase of this program has focused on picking simple models to use for thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, and specific heat. We have broken down the temperature scale into four ranges:a) less than 4 K, b) 4 K to77 K, c) 77 K to 300 K, and d) 300 K to the melting point.

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This database is a critical evaluation of existing experimental measurements on the properties of engineering materials at cryogenic temperatures (including room temperature and above). Equations are given for the recommended property value as a function of temperature. Click on the Material Properties link to enter this database. These correlations were developed as part of a past NIST Standard DATABASE » IT'IS FoundationTables are available for the densities, heat capacities, thermal conductivities, heat transfer rates, heat generation rates, viscosities, acoustic properties (speed of sound, attenuation constant, and non linearity), tissue weight fractions, and for MR parameters (longitudinal and transversal relaxation times). Elastic and Thermal Properties Database43 different properties are available:elastic modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, electrical resistivity, emissivity, tensile and yield strengths, S-N & -N fatigue curves, true stress-true strain curves, stress-rupture, creep strength, permeability, magnetization and more.

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PROPERTY:UNIT:VALUE / RANGE :Melting Point °C:126 - 135:Density :g mL-1:0.955 - 0.961:Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x 10-5:cm / (cm °C) Introduction to Thermal Desktop - NASAProperty Databases Thermophysical property and Optical property database names are stored on the dwg file. Default names RcOptics.rco for optics TdThermo.tdp for thermophysical ASCII files You can convert existing databases this format Selecting OK from the edit form will save all the data of that database. Material Properties References - NISTThermal Properties Database for Materials at Cryogenic Temperature edited by Holly M. Veres . PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) (amorphous) Mylar Thermal Conductivity . The low temperature thermal conductivity of a semi-crystalline polymer, polyethylene terephthalate Journal of Physics C:Solid State Physics v.8 n.19 p.3121-3129 October 1975

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Jun 01, 2015 · Thermal properties:specific heat, diffusivity, conductivity, expansion. The data typically are provided as a function of temperature. Additionally, data pertinent to specialized applications, such as critical temperatures for high temperature superconductors, may also be contained in the reports. NIST SRD 81 Home Page - SRD81Sep 01, 2015 · The NIST Database on Heat Conductivity of Building Materials provides a valuable reference for building designers, material manufacturers, and researchers in the thermal design of building components and equipment. (apparent) thermal conductivity, and (apparent) thermal resistivity, among others. The thermal transmission properties of heat PP - polymerdatabasePROPERTY:UNIT:VALUE / RANGE :Melting Point °C:160 - 163:Density :g mL-1:0.90 - 0.91 (0.905) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x 10-5:cm / (cm °C)


The properties available include thermal conductivity, specific heat, linear thermal expansion, thermal expansion coefficient, and Youngs modulus. Not all properties are available for all materials. Thermal Properties:Databases - UCF NCFSDatabases-. Burning Item Database; Material Thermal Database Thermophysical Properties of Fluid SystemsAccurate thermophysical properties are available for several fluids. These data include the following:Density. C p. Enthalpy. Internal energy. Viscosity. Joule-Thomson coefficient. Specific volume.

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Thermal Properties of Air Thermal Conductivity of Air:0.025 W/m*K:Thermal Diffusivity of Air:19.4 mm 2 /s:Specific Heat Capacity of Air:1004 J/k*K:Thermal Effusivity of Air:6 Ws 0.5 /(m 2 K) Material Density of Air:1.29 kg/m 3