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51CrV4, 50CrV4, 1.8159, AISI 6150 - alloy steel

Steel grades C67S, C75S, C85S 51CrV4, 50CrV4, 51CrV4, 1.8159, AISI 6150 - spring steel 51CrV4 / 50CrV4 / 1.8159, 58CrV4, 59CrV4 and AISI 6150 spring alloy construction steel for springs and spring elements after tempering and hardening according to EN 10250-3, EN 10083-3, EN 10277-5. 55CrSi Oil tempred and quenched spring steel wireDescription. Oil tempred and quenched spring steel wire. steel grade:55CrSi, VDSiCr, FDSiCr,60Si2Mn,65MN,SAE9254V.etc. Procution size:0.5mm-16mm. Spring material selection must be fully considering the purpose, importance and spring load of properties, size, cycle characteristics, working temperature, ambient medium, and the conditions of use, as well as the factors, such as


EN TDSiCr EN 10270-2 mechanical. Introduction of mechanical properties EN TDSiCr EN 10270-2 Yield points When the stress of EN TDSiCr EN 10270-2 or specimen exceeds the elastic limit in tension, even if the stress does not increase, the EN TDSiCr EN 10270-2 or specimen will continue to undergo obvious plastic deformation. This phenomenon is called yielding, and the minimum stress IS 4454-2 (2001):Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs, Part 5 GRADES The grade of spring wire used depends on the stress * _!J-. IS 4454( Part 2 ):2001 6.1 The processes used in making the steel and in manufacturing oil-hardened and tempered spring steel wire are left to the discretion of the manufacturer. The customer should be informed of the manufacturing VDCrV-A FDCrV-B TDCrV-B VDCrV-B Oil Hardened And Tempered Spring Steel Wire65Mn Oil tempered and quenched spring steel wire. 65 Mn spring steel wire, manganese improve hardenability, phi 12 mm steel oil can be hardening, surface decarburization tend to be smaller than silicon steel, after heat treatment of the comprehensive mechanical performance is better than that of carbon steel, but there are overheating sensitivity and temper brittleness.

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1000-2000 kg. The material can be placed on racks and, if so, more than one roll per rack. The rolls unwind in an ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction. For final diameters between 1.50 mm and 8.00 mm and for the VD-type wires, the wire can be trimmed or straightened (shaved). Permissible depth Oil Tempered Steel Spring Wire - Anbao Corp.Oil Tempered wire is a steel wire with superior elasticity and ductility obtained by oil-quenching and tempered process. OT wire has excellent resistance against heat, fatigue and deformation. OT wires main applications are springs for repeated dynamic loads, including engine valve spring. PRODUCT MANUAL FOR Steel Wire for Mechanical lower grades also alongside the higher grade. Eg:VDCrV-A is superior grade in group-2 3 FDCrV-B TDCrV-B VDCrV-B One sample of any size, preferably of lowest size, may be drawn. If sample of higher grade is tested then recommendation may include lower grades also alongside the higher grade. Eg:VDCrV-B is superior grade in group-3 4 FDSiCr TDSiCr

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Medium tensile strength FDCrV(A.B) TDCrV(A.B) VDCrV(A.B) High tensile strength FDSiCr TDSiCr VDSiCr Diameter range (mm) 0,50 to 17,00 0,50 to 10,00 0,50 to 10,00 FD grade is intended for static applications, required for normal springs. TD grade is intended for medium fatigue levels. Raw MaterialsGrade C - 1160 to 2200 Grade D- 1160 to 3100 Hot Rolled Steel Wire DIN 17221 Chrome Vanadium Steel allowing increase relaxation resistance to the spring 1. 50CrV4 1.8159 20 / +100 1370 to 1670 2. 51CrMoV4 1.7701 50 / +200 Chrome Silicon Steel Carbon Steel Wire SAE 9254(54SiCr6) 1.7102 DIN EN 10089 20 / +200 1450 to 1750 High Carbon Spring Steel SLOVENSKI STANDARD SIST EN 10270-2:2012This standard deals with all types of hardened and tempered spring steel wire. The grade for normal applications made from unalloyed or alloyed steel has the abbreviation FD and is intended for static VDCrV 0,62 to 0,72 0,15 to 0,30 0,50 to 0,90 0,025 0,020 0,06 0,40 to 0,60 0,15 to 0,25

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Meanwhile, except main spring steel products,we have developed free cutting steel products, from hot rolled to cold drawn, including cold drawn hexagons,cold drawn round steel, cold drawn square steel, cold drawn irregular steel. The size is 2mm-130mm, and steel grade is C1118, 12L14, 1215, Y15Pb, Y40Mn, Y45Pb, S45CF, S45CL, Y15, Y35, SUM24L spring wire - Durofer AGVDCrV:0.50 - 10.0 mm:high:medium:VDSiCr:0.50 - 10.0 mm:high:high:TDC:0.50 - 10.0 mm:medium:low:TDCrV:0.50 - 10.0 mm:medium:medium:TDSiCr:0.50 - 10.0 mm:medium:high:FDC:0.50 - 17.0 mm:static:low:FDCrV:0.50 - 17.0 mm:static:medium:FDSiCr:0.50 - 17.0 mm:static:highOil Hardened Valve Spring Steel Wire Leading Importer Oil Hardened Valve Spring Grade VDCrV Wire, EN 10270-2 VDCrV Wire, Din 17223 VDCrV Wire OilHardened Valve Spring Grade VDCrV Wires, EN 10270-2 VDCrV Wires, Din 17223 VDCrV Wires VD-CrV Oil Hardened & Tempered Valve Spring Wire, VD-CrV OT Wires, VD-CrV O.T Wires OT / O.T Valve Spring Grade VDCrV Wire, EN 10270-2 VDCrV Wire, Din 17223 VDCrV Wire