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Case-hardening (surface hardening) by vacuum heat treatment is widely used like with gears, transmission shafts, bearing parts, dies or drills. ALD provides Heat Treatment as a toll processing service to harden your parts at high quality and low distortion. Thermal treatment furnaces utilize processes like LPC (low pressure carburizing) and HPQG (high pressure gas quenching) and are Age/Precipitation Hardening - Progressive Steel TreatingAge/Precipitation Hardening Blast Cleaning Bright Annealing/Tempering Carbonitriding Carburizing (Batch and Continuous) Cryogenics High Speed Steel Hardening Metallurgical Testing Neutral Hardening Normailizing Solution Annealing Stress Relieving Tempering Vacuum Annealing Vacuum Brazing Vacuum Hardening Vacuum High Pressure Quenching Water

Cleveland Heat Treating Company Universal Heat Treating

Cleveland Heat Treating Companies. Universal Heat Treating & Black Oxiding in Cleveland offers heat treating and hardening services including Vacuum, Case Hardening, Neutral Hardening, Induction Hardening, Laboratory Services, and Finishing and Surfacing. Euclid Heat Treating Company LinkedInSince 1945, Euclid Heat Treating Company has offered heat treating services including case hardening, induction hardening, vacuum hardening, stress relieving, eddy current testing, and gaging. Heat Treating Cleveland from Universal Heat Treating and Heat Treating Cleveland. Universal Heat Treating and Black Oxiding in Cleveland, Ohio is an ISO 9000 certified heat treating, hardening, finishing and oxiding plant. Our services include Vacuum, Case Hardening, Neutral Hardening, Induction Hardening, Laboratory Services, and Finishing and Surfacing.

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The Macsteel Heat Treatment Plant is the largest most diversified heat treatment plant is South Africa. The heat treatment plant is divided into 3 departments, each specialising in a unique heat treatment process range. The heat treatment plant control instrumentation is computer driven and is on par with any similar system anywhere in the world. Hestia Heat Treat Batch, Induction, VacuumVacuum Hardening Vacuum heat treating offers superior quench uniformity and advanced 2-bar positive pressure to process the metals and superalloys of today and the future. Our new HR-50, Abar Ipsen Turbo Vacuum lets us meet your stringent quality Metal Heat Treating Tennessee - MantaNeutral Hardening. Vacuum Heat Treating. Black Oxide Coating. At Paulo, we have become one of the leading companies in the heat treating industry by fulfilling a simple, fundamental promise:We're here to help you succeed and to help you reveal the true strength in your most important parts and components. Mid-South Metallurgical

Nadcap Vacuum Heat Treating, Industrial Heat Treating

Our High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces are maintained in accordance with AMS 2750, which allows us to perform all levels of Nadcap vacuum heat treating processes including vacuum hardening, bright annealing, vacuum aging, vacuum brazing and precipitation hardening. Equipped with automated data capture and monitoring & recording capability, Nevada Heat Treatings energy efficient vacuum Nevada Heat Treating Nadcap Quality Service, Brazing SteelNeutral Hardening. Normalizing Solution Treating Straightening Stress Relieving Sub-Zero Treating Tempering Tool and Die Hardening Vacuum Aging Vacuum Hardening Vacuum Heat Treating Vacuum Tempering Precipitation Hardening. We can heat treat stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys and other metals and alloys. Our Our Family of Brands Thermal Process HoldingsVacuum Heat Treating, Hardening, Stress Relieving, Vacuum Tempering, Tempering, Nitriding, Hardening, Annealing, Hardness Testing, Multiple Furnace Types PL HEAT TREATING & GRINDING Located in Youngstown, Ohio for over 40 years, P & L are specialists in heat treatment of H-13, D-2, D-7, A-2, S-7, high speed steel, austenitic stainless, and

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Automotive, Engineering Alloys, Heat Treating, Integral Quench, Through Hardening, Vacuum Furnace, Vacuum Heat Treating Increased strength, inside and out. Through hardening, also known as neutral hardening, is the process of strengthening a steel alloy using a rapid quench for increased hardness throughout the material. Welcome to OhioMetNeutral Hardening Vacuum Hardening Tool Steel Hardening Stress Relieving Part Straightening Sub Zero Treating (to -300 °F) Shrink Fitting Normalizing Spheroidize Tempering Annealing Bright Annealing Solution Annealing Vacuum Annealing Atmosphere Annealing Bright Hardening of Tool and Stainless Steel Modern Laboratory:Established in 1947, Ohio Heat Treatment Services - ALD Vacuum TechnologiesOur main services are:Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC), Neutral Hardening in vacuum, High Pressure Gas Quenching (HPGQ) with N 2 /He, Nitriding, Vacuum Brazing at high temperatures, Annealing in vacuum, Cryogenic Treatment. Please visit our Heat Treatment Services Website for more extensive information:heat-treatment-services.