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Codes require that mechanical splices deliver higher performance that typical design lengths for lap splices. This is typically 125 % to 150 % greater capacity provided by the mechanical splice versus the lap splice. Lap splicing increases rebar congestion at the lap zone & is one of the major causes for forming rock pockets & voids in the concrete. China High Quality Rebar Coupler Applying for Connecting China High Quality Rebar Coupler Applying for Connecting Steel, Find details about China Rebar Coupler, Carbon Steel Rebar Coupler from High Quality Rebar Coupler Applying for Connecting Steel - Hengshui Anda Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Application:It is used to connect rebar by rebar cold stamping machine. 1. Use Q435B as raw material. 2. Splice rebar of HRB335, HRB400 & HRB500 etc. 3. High Tensile & yield strength, reach JGJ107, ACI318, BS8110, DIN1045 and UBC1997 etc. 4. Easy operation & environmentally friendly. Cold extrusion press rebar coupler - JBCZThe swaging rebar splice is extruded on rebar ends with the pressure of high pressure device. The test result of this kind of connection can guarantee the tensile strength of connection specimen is no less than 125% of the normal yield strength of rebar. (rebar grade:500MPa) Grouting Rebar Coupler-Grouting Rebar coupler-CHANGSHA 1.The half -grout filled coupler avoids the trouble of location deviation made by the whole grout-filled coupler. 2. It reduces the 1/3 length of the whole -grout filled coupler and cuts the grouting work in half . this is the guarantee for good quality of the joint. 3.High tensile & yield strength, reach JGJ107, JG/T397 Standard etc

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exceed the bars yield strength. However, for the splices under rare earthquakes, the stress level of the splices gen-erally can go beyond the bars yield strength and large plastic strain could occur. As a result, 90 % of the bars yield strength and two to ve times of the bars yield strain in Rebar Coupler / Rebar Splice Extensometer Provides Sep 05, 2016 · Accurately measure strain and elongation of rebar coupler, splice, and sleeve assemblies using the Model 3567 extensometer. Suitable for tension, cyclic, slip, and differential elongation tests per ASTM A1034, it replaces homemade clip gages and LVDTs with a reliable, repeatable solution. The extensometer is self-supporting and may be left on through failure. It is Rebar Coupler Rebar Connector Rebar Splicing System Parts 4) Splicing rebars by coupler. Technical Advantages 1) High splice strength, which could exert ultimate tensile and compression strength of rebar, it could satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Chinese standard JGJ107, American standard UBC1997, British standard BS8110, French Standard NF35-20-1, German standard DIN1045, ISO15835 and other requirements in the relevant standards;

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May 08, 2018 · Mechanical splices offer builders the following benefits:1) Improved structural integrity Mechanical splices maintain load path continuity of the reinforcement, independent of the condition or existence of the concrete. To use splices in tensile regions, they must be able to develop the full strength of the rebar and not create a weak point. Reinforcement Couplers for Mechanical Splices of Bars in May 27, 2020 · Static tensile strength test Tensile strength of the Rebar joint (Rebar to Coupler Splice) joint > 1.25fy for Type 1 100% fu & >1.25fy for Type 2 Fu = Ultimate Strength of bar Fy = Yield Strength of bar Slip Test Used to make sure that the plastic movement (slip) between the reinforcement bars with in the Mechanical Splice, when Loaded in SHEAR SCREW & WEDGE MECHANICAL CONNECTIONS FULL MECHANICAL SPLICE Capacity to exceed 125% x specified yield (f y), 135% x f y and 100% x specified tensile (fu) of the smaller size ASTM A615 and A706 Grade 60 uncoated bar. Also exceeds 135% x fy ASTM A775 epoxy and ASTM A767 or A1094 galvanized Grade 60 bar.

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Sep 06, 2019 · When the rebar splice assembly with coupler is tested, the failure should occur by snapping of rebar outside the coupler. When the rebar splice assembly with coupler is tested, the total permanent elongation after loading to 0.6 times the specified yield stress of the bar shall not be more than 0.1mm. Couplers which have been tested and established for use with Grade 60 of ASTM A 706 Tensile behavior of grouted sleeve couplers connecting Mar 13, 2021 · When compared with the standard specifications set by ACI-318 (ACI-318 2019) and AC-133 (AC-133 2010), which state that the tensile capacity of the splice should be at least 125% of the yield strength of the spliced bars, all specimen achieved more than \(1.25f_y\) which is What is Rebar? Types and Grades of Steel Reinforcement Superior bonding strength - HSD bars are well known for their excellent bonding strength when used with concrete. Welding capability - Since these bars have lower carbon content, they have 100% welding capability than conventional bars. High tensile strength - HSD bars feature high tensile strength. They offer great asset in construction process, where a lot of bending and re bending is required.

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Reinforcement couplers for mechanical splices of bars: yield strength value of the reinforcing bar testing machine, which is larger than the length of the mechanical splice. 5.3 Tensile test 5.3.1 General The strength and ductility are determined by means of a tensile