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ASTM-B36 Standard Specification for Brass Plate, Sheet

This specification establishes the requirements brass plates, sheets, strips, and rolled bars made from UNS C21000, C22000, C22600, C23000, C24000, C26000, C26800, C27200, or C28000. Plates are generally available only in the hot-rolled temper. Brass Plate & Brass Sheet - C260, C280, C464 Farmers Farmers Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of brass plate and sheet. Our inventory consists of C26000 (Cartridge Brass), C28000 and C46400(Naval Brass).Each of these brasses is broadly used in industrial, architectural, and marine applications. C260 plates and sheets are the most ductile of the brasses, and is used in greater quantity than any other copper-zinc alloy.


Brass Plates:C22000 Commerical Bronze Plate, CDA 220, Half Hard Temper (H02), Rockwell B50-66:ASTM-B-36, UNS-C22000. C26000 Cartridge Brass Sheet, CDA 260, Half Hard Temper (H02), Rockwell B60-77:ASTM-B-36, UNS-C26000. C28000 Muntz Metal Plate, CDA 280, Quarter Hard Temper (H01):ASTM-B-36, UNS-C28000. Brass Tubes C26000 & Brass Tubes C28000 Brass Tubes Kalpataru Metal & Alloys is one of the eminent manufacturers and exporter of high Grade Brass Tubes C26000.. Cartridge Brass 260 / C260 / C26000. Kalpataru Metal & Alloys maintains an inventory of C26000 Cartridge Brass in sheet, plate, and round rod available upon request.. Kalpataru Metal & Alloys offers a commendable range of Brass Tubes C26000, we have a strong competitive edge for C26000 Brass Seamless Tubes - Brass and Brass AlloysC260 C26000 Brass Seamless Tubes C26000 and C27000 have good flaring and bending properties, drawability and suitable for plating. Applicable to heat exchanger, curtain rod, sanitary tube, parts for various apparatuses and machinery, antenna rod, etc. Typical Uses for C26000 Cartridge Brass "70%":Architecture:Grillwork

C26000 Cartridge Brass "70/30" Aviva Metals

C26000 Cartridge Brass "70/30" (CDA 260) ASTM B36 (Bar, Sheet, and Plate), ASTM B135 (Tubing), SAE J461. EN equivalent for this alloy CuZn30. Typical Uses for C26000 Cartridge Brass "70/30":ARCHITECTURE:Grillwork. AUTOMOTIVE:Odometer Contacts, Heater Cores, Thermostats, Electrical Connectors, Radiator Cores, Radiator Tube, Radiator Tanks, Tanks C26000 Cartridge Brass - 260 Brass Farmers Copper, LTD.Farmers Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of C26000 Cartridge Brass in sheet, plate, and round rod available upon request. C260 brass is the most ductile of the brasses and is used in greater quantity than any other copper-zinc alloy. Copper Alloys 70-30 Brass UNS-C26000 - Austral WrightIt is often used where its deep drawing qualities are needed. The alloy is the most common brass in sheet form. The alloy consists of the face centred cubic alpha phase, and has the optimum combination of strength and ductility in the copper-zinc series. C26000 has the distinctive clear bright yellow colour normally associated with brass.

UNS C22000 Brass Sheets, Brass Alloy UNS C22000 Plates

UNS C22000 Brass Sheets & Plates guarantee high durability to any erosion in the long term. These are produced by us on a large scale, consisting of aluminium and vanadium enhances the properties like hardness, improving its physical and mechanical properties. Contact us now to avail your free quote! UNS C23000 Brass Sheets, Brass Alloy UNS C23000 Plates These sheets & plates are fully resistant to corrosion up to 600F temperature. Due to its high demand in desalination plants, UNS C23000 Brass Hot Rolled Sheets &Plates are mainly used in marine plants. Our well trained and supervised manufacturing centres have skilled craftsmen involved in the process of these Plates & Coils. UNS C26000 (CW505L) Cartridge Brass ::MakeItFromMay 30, 2020 · UNS C26000 (CW505L) Cartridge Brass C26000 brass is a brass formulated for primary forming into wrought products. CW505L is the EN numeric designation for

UNS C26000 Cartridge Brass Copper Alloy Wire Ulbrich

UNS C26000 Cartridge Brass Copper Alloy Wire. 60 Brass has fair to excellent corrosion resistance, excellent cold workability and good hot formability. Download Datasheet. Full Name. Email. Company. Short Description. Terms of Service. UNS C26000 Products & Suppliers Engineering360Nonferrous Metals and Alloys - Brass Anodes -- C26000 Hex/Oct Rod. Supplier:Concast Metal Products Co. Description:Our wrought products are cast and cold drawn - not extruded. Rods are brought to final dimensions by one or more cold drawing operations with suitable intermediate anneals when necessary. c260 brass rod, 260 brass round bar, 260 brass rod, c26000 As an established C260 Brass rod suppliers, we source 260 Brass round bar globally from approved mills and offer a large range of 260 Brass rod in shape of round, hex, square, C26000 Brass bar price:US$ 5/KG, free sample

Sheet and Plate C26000 - Cartridge Brass MARMETAL

Sheet and Plate C26000 Cartridge Brass . Click here to view the alloy C26000 CARTRIDGE BRASS. Specifications; Note; Standards:ASTM B 36, Temper H02 (1/2 Hard) UNS Designation Number:UNS C2600:Nominal Chemicals:C2600:Copper 70%, Zinc: