FECAM Diary 2014

Post date: Oct 16, 2013 8:46:15 PM

The managing committee of FECAM has decided to publish diary for 2014 as its every year's project. This year, responsibility has been taken by Aurangabad Association with able chairmanship of Hon Shri Chandakso (Ex-president of FECAM). FECAM will publish the diary 2014.& diary committee chairperson will be Mr Bhagirath Chandak of Aurangabad is fully authorized to do the needful all things ,collecting payments Make the payments, Publication of dairy, Collecting of Advertises, design, distribution etc. Further Mr Bhagirath Chandak Chairman is authorized to open and Operate independent Bank Account in any suitable & convenient Bank. The title of Account will be "FECAM DAIRY 2014".

Proposed By: Shri Mohan Patil

Seconded By: Shri Arun Avghad Patil

Proposal unanimously sanctioned by all members.

Details of advertising and Order Form for Diary 2014 can be downloaded from here.